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Social News service just like Digg.

There are some reviews in RWW about this service

Wait, What’s Yahoo Buzz Again?
Muhammad explained in his earlier post: “Imagine if Digg had 10 times the incoming traffic, and got a percentage of ad-revenue from each of the sites that were promoted to the front page. Yahoo! Buzz does essentially that.”

Watch out Digg, Yahoo is Eating Your Lunch is the ultimate aggregator of them all. What’s more, it is precisely the holy grail that digg has been reaching for – MAINSTREAM users. While digg has been desperately trying to make itself into a mainstream social news site – and it has succeeded to a degree, as its front page now includes politics, entertainment and other non-tech stories – it hasn’t got anywhere near the punch that still packs. Simply put, has the audience. And now it is implementing digg features.

I really don’t like this kind of ‘me too’ service but anyway it’s really interesting that this kind of social media moving to “main stream”.

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