OS X Mavericks Mail의 중복 알림 문제 해결하기

OS X Mavericks에서 제일 성가신 문제가 Mail 앱의 새 메시지 알림이 두 번 반복되는 현상이었는데,  최근에 해결 방법을 찾았다.

Gmail의 Important Label 때문에 발생하는 문제로,  Gmail  -> Setting -> Labels 에서 “Important”의 “Show in IMAP” 체크를 해제하면 된다.

I found the problem. Google recently added an “Important” mailbox/label. For some reason, Google was thinking almost every new email was marked as important and so every time a new email came in, it would appear in the inbox AND in the important folder, hence, two emails would show up under notificaitons.

IDEALLY Apple Mail would be smart enough to recognize that this is a duplicate email. Alas, it is not.

The work around is to disable this mailbox/label. ie. go into Settings -> Labels -> uncheck “Show in IMAP” for the “Important” System Label.

출처 : https://discussions.apple.com/message/23729408#23729408


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